QueerTicks is a platform that aims to inform and entertain anyone interested in plays & films with queer characters or themes, and also to explore progress towards more positive representations of such characters and themes.


Use the search option (at the end of the menu tabs above) to find a play or film of interest to you.  To search, enter part of the title; or the name of a character or actor, or a genre, etc, and you will then get a list of relevant results and you can click on any of these to see the details for that play or film.

Or, from the PLAYS / FILMS tab, you can select a listing of all plays or all films currently included, in alphabetical order.


All entries have (or will have – we just launched in June 2018) – a QUEEROMETErating – click on the QUEEROMETER menu tab above for more information on this – the QUEEROMETER rating will give you an idea of how well this play or film can be seen to be contributing to a more positive view of queer characters and themes.


You are welcome to add your own comments at the end of any entry.


You are welcome to submit a film or play for inclusion in the QueerTicks database – send details to info@queerticks.com.  You need to send the following info:

  • title
  • if a film, names of key individuals – especially actors & director
  • if a play, name(s) of author(s) and, if a musical, composer(s) and lyricist(s)
  • year released / of first performance
  • description – plot summary, comments on genre and themes, etc.  For a play, you can include brief notes on where it was first performed or on any subsequent performances
  • 2 images – ideally one of a poster or flyer, and the other a scene from the play or film (in landscape format)


In August 2018, Geoffrey Brown is presenting a one man show at the Edinburgh Fringe – Bulgarians, Buggery, Brokeback and Beyond – an entertaining look at the progress (?) made in the presentation of gay themes and characters in plays and films over the last 100 years. 

The “QUEEROMETER” was developed for this show – and having developed this, and having researched hundreds of plays and films, Geoffrey decided that the QUEEROMETER could have a life beyond my Fringe show.

This has led to the development of this QueerTicks website.  At present the focus of QueerTicks is on gay-themed plays and films referenced in Geoffrey’s Edinburgh show, but the wider aim is to add content (and  QUEEROMETER scores) from across the LGBTQ spectrum – with your help – see next section.

In due course, the site could also be expanded to cover other areas such as books or art.


To help ensure the widest possible range of perspectives,  we welcome contributions from LGBTQ people of all ages, backgrounds and races.  If you are interested in helping us texpand the database and add QUEEROMETER ratings, send us an email – currently info@queerticks.com.

Send us some information about you, and tell us which area(s) would be of interest to you:

  • adding items and/or ratings – noting that there are many films & plays already on the database that still need QUEEROMETER ratings
  • any LGBTQI areas of particular interest
  • films / playsbooks / art / other