Cleveland Street The Musical



  • Release Date: 23 Feb, 2019
  • Writer Glenn Chandler
  • Date 2011
  • Country England (UK)
  • Language English



Book and lyrics by Glenn Chandler, music by Matt Devereaux  

A musical based on the notorious true rent boy scandal in late Victorian London.  In the quiet townhouse at 19 Cleveland Street, run by the wily Charles Hammond and his French prostitute wife, telegraph messenger boys sold their bodies to wealthy aristocrats, one of whom was reputed to be none other than Prince Eddy, Presumptive Heir to the throne, and grandson of Queen Victoria. When the brothel was discovered, the occupants fled to the four winds, and the government attempted – with only limited success – to hush the whole thing up.  Hypocrisy, conspiracy and the late Victorian rent boy scene made for a colourful and often bawdy musical.

Presented by Boys of the Empire Productions: Above The Stag Theatre, 2011

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