The QUEEROMETER is a system for rating a play or film, using 10 criteria, to assess the way that play or film treats or responds to LGBTQI characters or themes.  Each criteria can be scored from 0 to 10.

Note that the QUEEROMETER rating does NOT necessarily reflect the quality of the play or film – there may be many critically acclaimed plays or films where the approach to LGBTQI characters or themes results in a low QUEEROMETER rating.


The 10 QUEEROMETER Criteria

About the plot / themes:

INNOVATION – 0 nothing new through to important / ground breaking 10

LOCATION – 0 school / family (again) through to unusual 10

PLOT – 0 another coming out story through to not LGBT specific 10

About the LGBTQI characters:

CHARACTER(S)0 stereotypes through to well-rounded 10

ETHICS0 evil through to good 10

HAPPINESS0 miserable / tormented through to happy 10

OCCUPATION0 “gay” (hairdresser, fashion, arts) through to any job 10

ROLE(S)0 GayBestFriend through to hero / lead / main 10

SURVIVAL0 dead by the end through to alive at the end 10

VISIBILITY0 in closet / no-one knows through to out and proud 10

Each play or film has a score in each of these, displayed in the left column of the webpage for the play or film; plus an overall QUEEROMETER rating, which is the total of the scores for each criteria, divided by 10.


The first to have a QUEEROMETER rating were the following 10 films – click on any of these to go to their webpage to see the detail of their QUEEROMETER scores:

More QUEEROMETER ratings will be added shortly.